Shower Screens

We are specialised in custom showerscreens, we measure and we cut to size. Showerscreens come in different designs and shapes.

Our team is experienced with supplying and installing shower screens, and they can provide the best solution for your shower. If you are thinking of renovating your showerscreen, simply call us for a free measure and quote. An experienced Salesman will come to your house to measure and quote but most important to discuss the best solution for your showerscreen.


Wardrobes  is the face of your Bedroom that reflects your personality, it is the main and primary piece of your furniture in your bedroom. We are experts in building the wardrobe in your Bedroom wall, Or a walk in robe in  your bedroom.

We are specialised in sliding wardrobes that are very easy to access and occupies a less space in the room, The sliding wardrobes doors can be in different materials and designs.

Timber Wardrobes, is very ideal with a big bedroom which can be used as a featured wall to your room. We do custom wardrobe doors that consist of timber and glass aligned together to luxury to your room.

Mirrored wardrobes adds  extra dimensions to your bedroom and create an illusion of space in the room.

Internals are designed in a way to suite your desires, you can add extra shelves or Drawer unit that best serves your needs.

Splash Back

Splash back is the next primary art work you can add to your kitchen. Splash back is the finish piece of the kitchen that every woman looks for.

We are experts in glass Splashbacks, it is a low iron, toughened glass to be used near heat without any harm to it. We provide different colours and designs that suits your taste.

  • Coloured Splashback are painted glass with any dulax colour of your choice.
  • Mirrored splashback are tented mirror glass with different colours of your choice.

Vanity Mirrors

Vanity Mirrors are the completion of our bathroom, we do provide polished edge mirrors as well as Beveled edge mirrors.  Our Mirrors are 6mm in thickness and the size can be as small as 50cm or big from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling.

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